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This AR business card is way cooler than your flimsy card – Fast Company

Business cards are making a comeback in the form of AR. A developer created a demo that takes regular physical business cards and expands its content using augmented reality objects displaying text, call, FaceTime, email, and websites. As the card moves in real life, the virtual elements move with it as if it was the real card.

Source: Fast Company


YouTube has a secret weapon to keep influencers from leaving for IGTV – BGR

IGTV is Instagram’s newest feature offering long-form videos to the platform. This tool is a potential threat to YouTube as influencer watching audiences are gravitating to IGTV. But YouTube says it isn’t concerned with IGTV, and that’s probably because YouTube has allegedly offered five- and six-figure payouts to its top talent to keep them in place and turning out new videos quickly.

Source: Shutterstock


On Amazon, Fake Products Plague Smaller Brands – The Wall Street Journal

Amazon Prime Day took the world by storm. Counterfeiters have also taken over small brands’ products on Amazon. Amazon has made it easy for smaller brands to sell its products to larger numbers of consumers, but this has also allowed imposters to hijack companies’ own listings with low-quality and cut-rate prices.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


Mars, Kellogg’s, Pepsi line up to ride with Uber for new in-car commerce deal – The Drum

Mars, Kellogg’s, and Pepsi are coming to an Uber near you. In a recent partnership, Uber selected in-car commerce startup Cargo to bring selected vendors to the car-sharing service. The partnership sparked as Cargo expanded its operation in Northern and Southern California to provide snacks, beverages, electronics and beauty products to riders.

Source: The Drum