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The New York Times’ ‘Game of Thrones’ newsletter already has over 60,000 subscribers – Digiday

Three New York Time’s staffers have created a weekly Game of Thrones newsletter that has open rates exceeding 100 percent. Beyond fandom, their strategy has been the perfect mix of content.

Source: Digiday

A $99 ‘subscription’ will be the beginning of the end for Twitter – Mashable

Twitter is testing a monthly subscription to allow small to medium businesses to automatically boost their posts, to keep up with companies who have a large following or choose to promote Tweets.

Source: Mashable

New research shows “digital natives” are no better at technology than the rest of us – Quartz 

Just marketing jargon? Research indicates that “digital natives” may have different habits and world views but aren’t learning in different ways.

A computer predicted the success of Etsy, Spotify, and other major startups 8 years ago — and it’s just generated a new list – Business Insider 

This computer predicted the success of 10 major start-ups eight years ago. It’s new list points to safe bets for the future business and marketing.

Millennial pink: A timeline for the color that refuses to fade – Digiday  

Looking for a color to depend on now and forever? Millennial pink isn’t new and it isn’t fading away anytime soon.   

Source: Digiday

Facebook’s ability to sway political opinion with ‘dark ads’ and user data revealed in latest study – The Drum 

After a new study, some groups are concerned that Facebook’s ‘psychographic profiling’ was used to create voter bias for certain personality types.

Source: The Drum

How the Rise of Influencers Like Lilly Singh and Andrew Bachelor Have Disrupted Advertising – Inc. 

When almost 90% of consumers trust online recommendations nearly as much as ones made to their face it’s no surprise that marketers are turning to relatable faces for their new spokespeople.