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ESPN Tries to Get With a Mobile, App-Driven World – The New York Times

ESPN has updated its app, offering a three-in-one service to the millions of users who have already downloaded the app. This long-awaited streaming service holds news and scores, live events and shows on ESPN’s channels, and ESPN+. ESPN+ will live inside the ESPN app, becoming an essential hub for dedicated sports fans.

Source: The New York Times


Style Is an Algorithm – Racked

Amazon launched Echo Look, a hands-free selfie tool that evaluates your outfit of the day. Users stand in front of the camera, take photos of two different fashion choices, and then Echo Look selects the best outfit via the Echo Look app. This new device will not share why it is making its decisions, using algorithms to show us our ideal style.

Source: Racked


PepsiCo uses data science to decide its next crisp flavor, now it could inform its marketing – The Drum

PepsiCo UK is now looking to use online data to integrate into other areas of its business, such as sales and marketing. Trends are showing that consumer demand is more individualist and specific to their needs, so PepsiCo is approaching this trend through social prediction tools like Trendscope. This new strategy will help the food brand turn data into something that more practical, especially for predictive marketing.  

Source: The Drum

When Did Social Media Stop Being So … Social? – Adweek

Users are overwhelmed by information outside of their social circles. With recent social media manipulations circulating, users are second-guessing these platforms, in addition to the algorithms and ads that fill their news feed. As social platforms continue to grow and influence our life, they become increasingly complicated.

Source: Adweek