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How should brands measure success on Instagram if ‘likes’ are no longer relevant? – The Drum

Instagram announced a couple of months ago that it has started testing hiding “likes” on posts to international markets. Likes and views are one of the most recognizable elements of social proof and engagement metrics for a brand’s social platform. The big question is how businesses will track these metrics if their company is purely built on social media marketing. Does this mean there will be a new social metric to drive business results or will it be defined by personalized content?

Source: The Drum

The NFL’s new TikTok account is all about highlights and sideline moments – Engadget

The National Football League is gearing up for its 100th season as it launched a #WeReady video challenge this past week. The video challenge is in partnership with TikTok, and the official account is packed with highlights, sideline moments, and behind-the-scenes footage. The #WeReady challenge asked NFL fans to share a video about their favorite teams using the hashtags as it aims to reach a fast-growing global audience of NFL fans and future fans.

Source: Associated Press

Virtual Fitness Is Disrupting the Fitness Industry. Here’s What It Teaches About Disrupting Any Industry – Inc.

Companies like McDonald’s and Spotify are acquiring “tech-like” amenities to stay ahead of the competition. The fitness industry hasn’t moved at as rapid of a pace compared to other industries in the tech realm, but virtual fitness classes have finally made its break. Trendy programs like Peloton and Mirror are useful and motivating, but they also address two valuable areas that entrepreneurs must continually take stock of to stay relevant in the future.

Source: Getty Images

Why Teens Are Creating Their Own News Outlets – Teen Vogue

Gen Z isn’t a fan of traditional news, so they are shifting their news sources to social media from print media. Keeping young people engaged in the news is necessary to foster civic engagement, and Olivia Seltzer, now 15-years-old, wants to help close the gap. In 2017, she launched theCramm, which offers a daily look at major stories from around the world, compressed into a newsletter that’s emailed and texted to inboxes each weekday.

Ryan ToysReview Is This Generation’s Mickey Mouse – FFWD

Eight-year-old Ryan Kaji is a YouTube star. His channel, Ryan ToysReview, is one of the top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube channel in the United States with over 30 million subscribers. He has a range of lines including toys, magazines, books, video games, toothbrushs and toothpastes, and a fast-food toy deal. Ryan is even giving Disney a run for its money – he is 1.75x as popular as Disney among children ages 6-8 in the UK.

Source: Nickelodeon