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Ikea Turned the Living Rooms From Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends Into Perfect Ads – Adweek

In a new ad campaign from Ikea in the United Arab Emirates, they took living rooms to a whole new level. The ads recreated TV’s three most iconic living rooms solely with Ikea furniture and decorations – and with some help from 3-D design software. The “Ikea Real Life” campaign took two months to track down all the right pieces that are currently on sale from Ikea.

Source: IKEA UAE

How Tech Is Driving Innovation In The Retail Sector – Forbes

Global retail sales are projected to reach $28 trillion by 2020. Therefore, many companies are working hard to capitalize on the growth of retail spending, making retail extremely competitive right now. One way retailers are working to beat out the competition is through new technology, specifically with Augmented Reality.

A Farewell for iTunes – The New York Times

After 18 years, Apple executives announced that the “digital jukebox” iTunes will be disassembled. Apple’s iTunes store changed the way people consumed music. With just one-click people could get almost any song for 99 cents, import their favorite CDs, and burn custom mixes. Now its features will be split among three apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.

Source: Getty Images

Marketers Turn Up Podcast Advertising – The Wall Street Journal

Podcasts are growing and more brands are trying to incorporate them as part of their media mix. Ad spend in this area has stayed relatively small, but a recent study showed that U.S. advertisers’ spending on podcasts rose 53 percent in 2018. This year, podcast advertising is expected to rise to $678.7 million, bringing a whole new medium to reach even more consumers.

Source: Associated Press