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Conde Nast International goes B2B with Vogue Business – Glossy

Condé Nast International is officially launching Vogue Business, a more direct play for professionals in the fashion and luxury industries. Vogue Business will operate as a separate entity to Vogue and will take on the form of a bi-weekly email newsletter. The new tool will feature analysis, interpretive journalism, exclusive stories, and data visualizations but won’t pursue breaking news or personnel appointments.

Apple Says It Has a Fix for the Crazy FaceTime Bug That Lets You Eavesdrop on Anyone – Inc.

This week, Apple users figured out a bug that lets FaceTime callers listen in on the person they’re calling before the call is answered. Videos of the glitch went viral on social media with many people confirming the problem. Apple is aware of the issue and aims to get the bug fixed with a software update soon.  

Source: Inc

Generation Z’s 7 Lessons for Surviving in Our Tech-Obsessed World – The Wall Street Journal

Generation Z has gained a lot of attention in the past year, mostly due to this generation not knowing a world without smartphones. Since Gen Z’s world has been defined by mobile devices and social media, it makes them savvier than their elders in regards to technology. Learn what generally distinguishes this generation from most of their older peers.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Snapchat is thinking of making some snaps permanent in an attempt to boost revenue – Business Insider

Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, is considering making modifications to the Snapchat app, which is known for disappearing photos and videos. The changes could make user’s public posts longer and even permanent. In addition, the company is thinking of an option to reveal the identities of Snapchat users who make public posts. If the update happens, it would mark a big step in Snap’s effort to draw in and keep users outside of the app.

Source: Business Insider