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Toyota Tundra With Robotic Oven Becomes Pizza Hut’s New Weapon In Delivery War With Domino’s – Forbes

Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizza-delivery wars have grown. Over the years, Pizza Hut is trying to recover ground that’s been lost to Domino’s – now Pizza Hut is testing a robot-operated mobile-pizza factory under its partnership with Toyota. The model is in the back of a Toyota Tundra and will use automatic technology to cook pizzas on the go in 6-7 minutes.

Source: Forbes

Your Kid’s Apps Are Crammed With Ads – The New York Times

Ads are everywhere, even in apps for children ages 5 and younger. A new study found that 95 percent of most downloaded apps marketed to be played by children ages 5 and under contains at least one type of advertising. Apps in the Google Play store, when triggered, would send a player into more ads that make it difficult for children to close out.

Source: The New York Times

Sports Channels Draw Interest From Private Equity, ‘New Fox’ and Ice Cube – The Wall Street Journal

The Walt Disney Company is getting rid of 22 regional sports channels, one of which is the YES Network owned by the New York Yankees, to purchase 21st Century Fox. Big media companies, sports teams, private-equity firms, and rapper Ice Cube are tied to those regional sports channels leaving. The “New Fox” will be comprised of the assets Disney doesn’t acquire and is said to be a serious contender for sports channels.  

280 characters on Twitter hasn’t been a game changer after all – Fast Company

A year ago, Twitter finally doubled its maximum tweet length from 140 characters to 280 characters. According to some statistic the social media company released to mark its anniversary, it seems that Twitter hasn’t changed much within the year. Surprisingly since the shift, 88 percent of tweets are still 140 characters or under.  

Source: Fast Company