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With the iPhone Sputtering, Apple Bets Its Future on TV and News – The Wall Street Journal

Apple’s iPhone turned the company into a global giant, and its momentum is running out. Tim Cook is betting on selling services for the company’s next chapter. This will be the company’s biggest change in more than a decade. Apple announced this past weeks plans for a video- and news-subscription service in hopes of generating billions of dollars in new annual revenue to strengthen ties between iPhone users and the company.

U.S. Consumers Are Shifting The Time They Spend With Media – Nielsen

In a recent Nielsen Total Audience Report, findings showed that U.S. adults are spending about half of every day engaging with media. Overall, total media use stays unchanged year-over-year at 10-and-a-half hours a day – or 44 percent of the total minutes available in a day. Further insights dive into how the media landscape is changing, which platforms are seeing the largest growth, and how young adults and multicultural audiences are spending their time with media.

I Deleted Facebook Last Year. Here’s What Changed (and What Didn’t). – The New York Times

Last week, Facebook and its family of apps experienced a daylong malfunction in which millions of users experienced what life would be like if there were no more social networks. So what happens when you delete your Facebook for five months? One user found that they did not feel less connected and their social life didn’t suffer, challenging Facebook’s long-stated mission of connecting people so we can live in a more open world.

Facebook New York Times
Courtesy: New York Times

Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate – The Atlantic

YouTube and other social networks have been cracking down on spreading misinformation; however, Instagram is the only platform that is thriving. Instagram is teaming with conspiracy theory, viral misinformation, and extremist meme accounts to reach millions of followers through an intense algorithmic formula. It’s likely the social media app where the next fight against misinformation will happen as it has escaped scrutiny so far.

Interesting Reads Instagram Hate
Courtesy: Reuters