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Is Snapchat Doomed? – The Atlantic

During Snap’s latest earnings report, the company once compared to Facebook offered some very “Twitterish” news of user growth decline and significant quarterly loss.
Source: The Atlantic

The Fate of Online Trust in the Next Decade – Pew Research Center

Online trust has not been having a good run in recent years.  A new study says some expect the very nature of trust will change in the coming future.
Source: Pew Research Center

Why Generation X Might Be Our Last, Best Hope – Vanity Fair

The in-between generation may live with a sense of dread, but one of their own argues that this mind set is best in order to preserve American tradtions in these new, darker days.
Source: Vanity Fair

Report: Fake News May Be Good News For Traditional Media – The Holmes Report

A new study claims that “fake news”  has created a big opportunity for media to re-establish brand values and trust with media consumers.
Source: The Holmes Report

Ads Are Shifting From Aspirational to Honest in Their Portrayal of Parenting – Adweek

Milliennial parents are savvier and are known to have higher expectations, so marketers are shifting from aspirational messages with ideal families to more real moments.
Source: Adweek

How Guinness World Records helps brands transform risk into reward – The Drum

To stay top of mind, the spectacle of a record-breaking first can be a slam dunk for a brand. The Guinness World Record company is mediating a majority of these efforts.
Source: The Drum

Offline Word of Mouth Best for Teen Marketing – MediaPost

Though many marketers believe the best place to reach teens is online, a recent study proves that brands having offline conversations are performing better.