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By Anika Bhavnani

Upon arrival at PPMG, I was asked to attend a client satellite media tour. One of PPMG’s clients, Bingo Blitz, was promoting a new in-game feature starring Sprinkles CupcakesCandace Nelson. Candace was the subject of the satellite media tour, and distribution watching her conduct the interviews, I gained a number of valuable insights into this often-used public relations tactic.

1. You’re on a Tight Schedule

Candace spoke to 10 outlets, taking only a 10-minute break, in between interviews. The studio teams always make sure everything is ready to go long before the talent arrives. Candace actually finished her 10 interviews ahead of schedule, showing how a tightly planned agenda works wonders for satellite media tours.

2. Topic Prep is Crucial

While interviews often began by talking about Candace’s role with Sprinkles, she always found a way to bring the conversation back to Bingo Blitz. Whether it was explaining app features or new prizes that users could win with the in-game additions, Candace was well-prepared to be a brand ambassador. And it showed…

3. The Power of Celebrity is Real

Candace’s prominence in the baking world made her an ideal brand ambassador for Blitzy’s Bakery, the in-game feature that Bingo Blitz is ultimately promoting through this campaign. Her experience and positive reputation made her the right person to promote Blitzy’s Bakery. Candace’s poise and professionalism, sparked my curiosity on how brands and products need to choose the right ambassador that aligns with their messaging and appeals to their target audiences.

4. They Work Across Time Zones

Since the satellite media tour was conducted for morning news across the country, a 5 am call time was necessary. A nationwide media tour meant engaging stations from New York City, Chicago, and some of the United States’ other major media markets. There is no ideal time for conducting a tour; you are generally at the whim of when works best for the operating crew and the stations. And, of course, lot of coordination is required, to get this flying off.