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Count on us to find ways to overcome the barriers – and outthink the competition.
Let’s Start Thinking Big!

It doesn’t matter if you are the market leader, a challenger brand, or legacy company trying to re-establish momentum – there are always barriers and threats to achieving your goals.

Clients choose us because they know we’ll find a way around the roadblocks. They know they’re hiring a team that’s excited and energized by competition, and will work tirelessly to outmaneuver them. It starts with these foundational elements:

  • Positioning our clients as trusted experts in their market.
  • Developing a bank of ideas, rich in human interest angles, that will connect with key audiences and create the perception of leadership.
  • Taking newsjacking to a new level, which also denies a leadership opportunity to competitors.

It’s a sprint AND a marathon.


Creating and sustaining business momentum means we never stop dreaming, brainstorming, and workshopping. Every idea can deliver a leadership platform that outmaneuvers the competition. By staying agile, we keep our clients one, or several, steps ahead.

Remember… by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Taking Newsjacking to a New Level

How Can We Help?

Even in today’s 24/7 news cycle, there are still occasions when the rare “news of the day” breaks through the clutter to capture audience attention for a few hours or days. That’s when we strike and hijack the news, or “newsjack.” When done correctly, newsjacking is an ultra-effective tactic that generates media coverage and leaves the competition scratching their heads, wondering how they got outmaneuvered.

Capturing lightning in a bottle takes more than luck; it’s the rigor of our preparation that makes the difference. We take newsjacking to the next level with our ERA approach:

  • EXPERT – Identify where a client has an EXPERT capability.
  • READY – Build and continually refresh brand POVs to leverage at a moment’s notice.
  • AGENDA – Identify the topics that most likely resonate with media looking for expert commentary.

We use ERA to prepare clients and ensure they’re ready to own the moment when the opportunity arises.

Luxe Hotels

Putting Luxe Hotels at the heart of their community

If you’re worried about getting laughed out of the room for proposing to hire sitar players and yoga instructors to pamper residents at their local presidential election polling center, check out what happened when we did exactly that at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel.

Read the Case Study


Using human interest to reenergize sales

Tired of seeing your micro chip sales plateau? You could hire more sales people…or you could hire the best-selling author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” as a spokesperson to remind couples that slow computer processing speed may cause them to break up.

Read the Case Study

BlueGreen Water Technologies

Leading with sector expertise

Our work for BlueGreen Water Technologies (BWT) is great example of ERA in action. Each time a toxic cyanobacteria bloom was reported in a major body of water, TPG  connected with local market reporters to offer a BWT expert as a source to contextualize the impact of the danger to viewers and readers. While discussing the root causes of harmful algal blooms, BWT was also able to highlight treatments – their treatments – raising awareness of the company’s unique technology.

Our approach is so successful  that BWT comments on outbreaks where it is not providing the solution. The agency’s media relations efforts have resulted in hundreds of pieces of coverage totaling more than 2.67 billion impressions worldwide, with an equivalent ad value of over $27 million for BWT.

Read the Case Study


Outmaneuvering the global financial giants

Our work with YouHodler, an international fintech platform, is another great example of ERA. We regularly leverage news cycles around movements in the market, from interest rate decisions from the Fed and the Bank of England to the recent collapse of several banks around the world. That approach helps us grab coverage ahead of many larger financial institutions. It’s delivering billions of impressions as a result, which has contributed to YouHodler’s rapid growth in the last two years. Amid the Silicon Valley and Signature Bank collapse, we swiftly positioned YouHodler as a beacon of expertise, demonstrating the power of an expeditious strategy and collaboration in times of turmoil.

Our team’s ability to adapt and seize the moment resulted in a significant increase in media attention for our client, highlighting their unique insights and offering valuable perspectives to readers worldwide. YouHodler has also dramatically bolstered its credibility and visibility in the market, and seen a massive uptick in global website traffic.

Read the Case Study


When we devised a comprehensive media relations and thought leadership platform for shipping and logistics provider RPM, we helped set the company apart from competitors by highlighting its innovative technology and expertise.

By turning RPM’s senior leaders into the go-to sources for innovation insights in the industry, we were able to massively amplify RPM’s media footprint—blowing its competitors out of the water.

In a very short time, we scored some notable accomplishments, including coverage of RPM’s CEO alongside Volkswagen CEO Oliver Blume and President Joe Biden in The Hill.

Read the Case Study

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It’s terribly frustrating to be left out of news stories – but it feels even worse to see your competition profiled, quoted, and highlighted as if you don’t even exist.

The TPG ERA Workshop helps companies, brands, organizations, and individuals stand out in wildly crowded and competitive industries.

  • Create a deeper bench of corporate spokespeople.
  • Identify your areas of expertise for commentary.
  • Develop relevant, interesting, and unique storylines to attract media attention.
  • Learn how to stay on message and on brand.
  • Rehearse and undergo media trainings.
  • Set up daily news monitoring and competitive analysis.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how reporters cover your industry.

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Count on us to find ways to overcome the barriers – and out-think the competition.

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