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Triggering the right actions from the audiences that matter most to you.

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It’s more than chemistry. Our clients choose us because we share their purpose: to communicate ideas that deliver a positive impact for people, the community and the world. We believe in creating transformational value – not just transactional.

You can’t deliver meaningful business impact unless your agency partner understands the priorities that drive the need for communications. CONNECT TO LEAD has the rigor and breakthrough thinking required to deliver a client’s desired outcomes. So, what is the CONNECT TO LEAD methodology?

We create and strengthen emotional connections between our clients and their target audiences.

Why Us

Today, we help organizations succeed by triggering the right actions from the audiences that matter most.

Our commitment to delivering actions means we always look beyond a brief to see if we can deliver transformational business value to our clients.

We believe the power of shared purpose creates a sense of community – and there is a right way for companies and brands to do it.

We have empathy with the issues real people care about, and understand how our clients can be relevant to them at both an emotional and rational level.

We’re smart, curious people and we love to learn. Give us a challenging topic or industry to explain – we’re looking at you, cryptocurrency – and we’ll master it.

We think BIG all the time, but we also know how to scale and grow into big ideas.

Lowering Cost Per Acquisition for Bingo Blitz

The business challenge we solved: Bingo Blitz is one of the world’s most popular social gaming apps. But gaming apps frequently struggle to manage the costs associated with acquiring new users and then turning them into paying ones. Bingo Blitz had five million dormant Facebook fans. Our challenge was to reenergize them and also attract new users to the app at less cost.

Making a lifestyle connection: We used the power of human interest to connect the Bingo Blitz experience with people eager to experiment with their cooking. We hired celebrity chef Ludo Lefevbre as the face of our Facebook Live event that called out random food ingredients from a bingo machine. Contestants then created their own original recipes. Then, with the cameras rolling, Chef Ludo whipped up his version of the winning recipe, to the delight of the massive audience tuned in on Facebook.

The business outcome: The competition’s call for entries video reached over 340,000 people alone. And, because the competition made a direct connection with the Bingo Blitz experience, it triggered new bingo players to sign up. This delivered a massive return on investment for Bingo Blitz and saved approximately $1.5 million on customer acquisition costs.

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Connect to Lead

We believe in creating transformational value - not just transactional.

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