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Because engagement isn’t one-size-fits-all.
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In a highly competitive market, companies need every advantage to encourage audiences to buy a product, sign a petition or share an Instagram post. But therein lies the problem! Maybe your company needs customers to do all three. Where do you start?

Activate Now helps clients create a road map for success. By defining the type and scale of action we need to trigger, we create a timeline and metrics for real, authentic engagement. Our Activate Now solution starts triggering the right action from the right people.


Triggering purchases from parents

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NuWave, an appliance manufacturer, asked us to help increase awareness of the purifying capabilities of its OxyPure Smart Air Purifier, to drive product sales during a pivotal time. Using the Activate Now, we identified parenting media outlets as a top target to encourage parents to buy the product. We determined the best tactics to encourage purchase would be a targeted media relations campaign highlighting OxyPure’s proven ability to remove 99.999% of coronavirus particles from the air, and the use of offline influencers.

TPG’s outreach secured hundreds of millions of media impressions for the brand in outlets such as Business Insider, TechHive, and The Spruce. By highlighting the protection benefits, LA Parent awarded the product its National Parenting Product Award. Adopting this targeted approach helped generate a surge in sales of OxyPure.

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Using the science of persuasion to drive sales

We know that sources of influence come in many different shapes and sizes. To help our longtime client Netafim USA sell its precision irrigation system to farmers, we activated the law of social proof. To make this a trusted purchase, we decided to highlight and share endorsements of the products from other farmers across the U.S. Therefore, we developed lead generation campaigns that targeted and retargeted high-quality leads by promoting video case studies. We used Facebook to efficiently identify and reach farmers, or top-of-the-funnel customers.

The trusted endorsements triggered new sales leads and with it, new sales revenue. This became one of Netafim’s most successful sales conversions in company history.

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Identify Your Priorities

The TPG Activate Now is a useful visual tool to help us prioritize and focus our efforts on the sources of influence who will drive ROI. Some companies think scale of impact comes from chasing a list of influencers. We don’t. We target the ones who will make the biggest impact.

We choose the right influencers by assessing their interest in your topics and the extent of their influence over priority audiences. It enables us to segment them into four types of actions, ensuring we are laser-focused on the ones that will deliver for you – and ignoring the ones who won’t.

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The TPG Activate Now workshop is a live session that helps companies identify their priority targets and create a ‘golden circle’ of interest, influence, and impact.


Don’t sabotage your success by thinking too small – or too short-term.

Here are a handful of real ideas our agency has proposed to clients over the years that have delivered immediate impact and lasting value.

Hire actor Lou Ferrigno to smash a wall in someone’s house.
Load a herd of cattle into Times Square.
Compete in an ice sculpture melting contest and win the prizes inside.
Build a replica of the Statue of Liberty and drown her in a sea of plastic bottles, then tow her on a boat into Manhattan for public viewing.

By applying sound business sense to big ideas, we help our clients activate their audiences to deliver a healthy ROI.

Activate Now and at Scale

Companies often struggle to see what’s around the curve.

Quick wins and short-term gains are important, especially for startups. But our approach is to create a plan that emphasizes sustainable long-term success. That’s why we create strategies that can scale up, or grow, as the client grows. No one will remember the photo you posted on Instagram last week, but companies can create a positive impact long after the campaign is completed because it established a strong emotional connection with its target audiences.

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We believe in creating transformational value - not just transactional.

Leadership Now

Creating leadership platforms that are essential to building audience trust and confidence.


Count on us to find ways to overcome the barriers – and out-think the competition.

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Because words matter, period.

Activate Now

We help you prioritize and focus on the sources of influence who will drive ROI.

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