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By Noemi Pollack

Forty of the Worst Jargon:

  1. Awesome (the Grand Canyon, yes; most sandwiches, no)
  2. Amazing (lightning, yes; eating grapes, no) 
  3. Empower (does Oprah still think she rules the world?)
  4. Embolden (where are the emboldening seminars held? Can’t we just stand up for ourselves?)
  5. Enrich (oh, just say “better” and be done with it)
  6. Nurture (why not “cultivate” or “bring up”?)
  7. Jaw-Dropping and Eyebrow-Raising (I’d get a lot of facial exercise from these activities if I followed Buzfeed’s directives).
  8. Out Of The Box Thinking
  9. In The Weeds
  10. In No Way, Shape Or Form
  11. Lots Of Moving Parts
  12. Actionable
  13. It’s On My Radar
  14. Snackable Content
  15. Impactful 
  16. Best Practices (why are the best? just because everyone uses them? i’d like to see “effective practices”)
  17. Guerilla Marketing (targeting consumers shouldn’t be compared to warfare)
  18. Viral (If people like it, great, let’s not make the success of a content sound like a disease, try “it got lots of views”)
  19. SEO (not the tactic, but the use of it as jargon—let’s SEO that, as if it gets sprayed down with Google-Flavored mayonnaise)
  20. Exciting
  21. Think Pod
  22. Curated
  23. Expertly Curated
  24. Well-Curated
  25. Deep Dive
  26. Chief Ideation Officer
  27. Clickbait
  28. Freemium
  29. Growth Hacking
  30. Advertainment
  31. Gamification
  32. Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce
  33. Organic Mention
  34. Game Changer
  35. Strategic Partnership
  36. Burning Platform
  37. Abilify
  38. Contextual Marketing
  39. Ideation
  40. Value-Added Mindshare