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By The Pollack Group

Among the many institutions the global pandemic has wreaked havoc on, education is perhaps one of the hardest hit. With distance learning, schools have been forced to confront enormous inequities in access to education just as their systems were put under stress unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Just as the school year closed, we worked with our client BARR Center, a leading education model that utilizes data and relationships to create strong schools and communities. BARR invited former U.S. Department of Education Secretary John B. King Jr. for a fireside chat to address what has happened in schools as a result of the pandemic and where things are going.

The event was broadcast live online and fed through social media where educators, community leaders, parents, and students could tune in. John King spoke with BARR Founder and Executive Director Angela Jerabek and SAS Principal Education Advisor and former South Dakota Secretary of Education Melody Schopp about what was discovered during the pandemic, the challenges that were exasperated and how schools can better adjust to building a better system where each and every student’s needs and path to success is cultivated.