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The Smartphone Generation vs. Free Speech – The Wall Street Journal

Free speech on U.S. college campuses has become controversial over the years. A new wave of “iGen” students insist on protecting their emotional safety by denouncing faculty and administration with differing perspectives. 
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Digital Advertising Is Facing Its Ultimate Moment of Truth, and Billions of Dollars Are at Stake – Adweek

When the CEO of Proctor & Gamble, Marc Prichard, threatens to yank digital advertising budgets advocating for brand safety and transparency…eyebrows will raise. See why this bold statement leaves many agencies on high alert.

Source: Adweek

How to Use Authenticity to Capture the Attention of Generation Z – Entrepreneur

Generation Z is bringing new habits, tastes, and preferences into society. To gain long-term success with this generation, brands need to adapt and capture an authentic relationship through these valuable tips.

Dark social sharing means that you aren’t tracking 87% of content shares – The Drum

Reviewing content performance and social shares are especially difficult with the use of dark social channels. This experiment provides a deeper look to break through dark content and track performance engagement.   

Source: The Drum

‘Netflix Is a Joke’ Billboards Appear in New York, Los Angeles – Variety

Throughout New York and Los Angeles, plain white billboards declare “Netflix is a joke.” This new marketing campaign from Netflix is still unclear, leaving curiosity amongst social media users of what to expect from the streaming service.

Source: Variety

Instagram starts testing Facebook’s app-like Canvas ads within Stories feed – Marketing Land

A year later from Facebook’s announcement to bring immersive ads to Instagram, we are now beginning to see its integration. Canvas ads will soon be rolling out on this creative app that will be featured within user’s Stories feed.

Source: Marketing Land