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By The Pollack Group

In March 2023, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) stunned the world and shook the entire global financial system to its core. Following an announcement of a $1.8 billion loss, SVB’s stock crashed, regulators took control of the bank, and its depositors, many of which were tech startups, struggled with how they were going to pay salaries and rent with their deposits locked up in the failed bank. The fear of a national and even global banking crisis was spreading as Signature Bank, another major institution, also collapsed in quick succession.

The Pollack Group, closely monitoring the situation, leveraged the news cycle to position its client, international fintech platform YouHodler, as a subject matter expert to provide timely commentary. Based on the agency’s experience working with reporters in finance, fintech and Web3, the team quickly counseled YouHodler to craft insightful commentary to analyze the ongoing crisis from its unique perspective: as a Europe-based fintech expert with an in-depth understanding of modern banking systems, the global markets, and relevant regulations.

“Amid the SVB and Signature Bank collapse, we swiftly positioned YouHodler as a beacon of expertise, demonstrating the power of an expeditious strategy and collaboration in times of turmoil. Our team’s ability to adapt and seize the moment resulted in a significant increase in media attention for our client, highlighting their unique insights and offering valuable perspectives to readers worldwide,” said Emily Greifeld, Vice President of The Pollack Group.

The agency’s media relations experts crafted a series of pitches to target reporters covering the SVB and Signature Bank collapse from different industries—including banking, financial markets, fintech and Web3. Collaborating with the client, the agency was able to conduct timely outreach to provide compelling commentary to the media as the situation continued to capture global attention. The agency team conducted urgent follow-ups and check-ins to explore additional media opportunities.

As a result, the agency generated over 3 billion media impressions in less than 36 hours for YouHodler. The Pollack Group coordinated interviews, sourced additional commentary, and discussed potential opportunities to further leverage YouHodler’s expertise, providing value for reporters and readers around the globe. The coverage secured spanned both top-tier and trade publications, including Forbes, Yahoo, Business Insider, The Hill, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and Blockworks.