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By The Pollack Group

Big Fig Mattress, explicitly built for plus-sized people, believes everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. While Big Fig Mattress was the creator and innovator behind the first mattress built specifically to meet the needs of the plus-size sleeper, the brand wanted to do more to encourage other companies to be allies and advocates for this underserved demographic.

The agency created and launched Big Fig’s advocacy platform aptly named #SeeAllOfMe. The new platform would be dedicated to advocacy, community service, and heightened visibility for the plus-size demographic through activism, increased allyship, and authenticity. The idea is that #SeeAllOfMe reinforces Big Fig’s corporate mission, and together with the Big Fig Collective, Big Fig will be able to understand its core audience better.

The goal of the platform is to reinforce the brand’s corporate mission, vision, and values – and is complemented by an open letter calling other companies to create a safe and nurturing space for bodies of all shapes and sizes, with the hope that the platform raises awareness about problems plus-sized people face. 

In addition to developing #SeeAllOfMe content, featured on the company’s new website, the agency created and onboarded eight plus-sized influencers to create The Big Fig Collective, an advisory council that acts as a guiding body for the company.  It meets quarterly about what’s happening in their lives and communities, and challenges Big Fig to be more active in helping its core audience, while heightening awareness about those who are struggling financially.  

To drive awareness for #SeeAllOfMe, the agency secured a feature piece in MediaPost highlighting the strategy behind the advocacy initiative.