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The Magic Kingdom Is Going Green – The New York Times

Micky Mouse is going green. In just a few months, the Walt Disney Company will generate enough renewable solar energy to fully power two of its parks at the Disney World Resort in central Florida. The solar facility is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head and produces enough electricity to power 1,000 homes.

Source: The New York Times

Inside Vogue’s new, inclusive approach to Forces of Fashion – Glossy

Vogue hosted its second annual Forces of Fashion conference called “Forces of Change” this week. By the title of the conference, it is clear the event focused on a digitally-native and Instagram-friendly approach. This new style is Vogue’s way of expanding its reach to collaborate with its readers even more.

Google Unveils New Hardware, Including a Tablet-Laptop Hybrid and a Tabletop Smart Display – The New York Times

This week, Google launched new mobile and home gadgets. The Pixel phones, Pixel Slate, and Google Home Hub don’t have a camera for improved privacy and let you launch Google assistant without using your hands. These devices strive to ensure the voice-controlled Google Assistant is never out of shouting distance.

Why Digital Marketing Is Not Overrated? – Entrepreneur

For any strong brand, building digital marketing is key to the company’s current and future success. Digital marketing selection of strategy can reach a wider audience at a lesser cost and become customizable to establish a certain kind of presence. Having a prominent marketing strategy can bring brands to greater height and establish a positive connection with consumers.

Source: Entrepreneur