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In light of the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack in Israel, which spurred a rising tide of antisemitism, it has become even more critical to actively ensure the future of Jewish institutions, organizations, traditions, and the Jewish people as a whole. Enter the Jewish Future Promise (JFP), a global initiative encouraging Jews and Jewish allies to make a moral, non-binding commitment to support Jewish causes and/or the State of Israel. 

Each Promise represents a commitment to ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people. In March 2024, JFP crossed the 50,000-signer milestone and, in February 2024, the agency carried out the organization’s rebranding from the Jewish Future Pledge to the new name, Jewish Future Promise.

In just 18 months since becoming JFP’s Agency of Record, the agency has increased the number of promisers more than fivefold by implementing numerous digital marketing tactics, influencer, social media, and earned and paid media strategies, to raise the profile of the Jewish Future Promise, while driving the growing number of both online and offline Jews and allies to sign the Promise.

Powering Promisers with Paid Social

The agency manages and maintains an always-on Meta/Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign for the Promise, optimizing Facebook lead forms to acquire promisers, while also driving promisers to a landing page on the JFP website, to sign the Promise. Using emotion-driven copy, action-focused imagery, and data-driven audience targeting, the paid social media campaigns drive conversions, while optimizing the ad spend. In monitoring campaign progress daily, it also enables the agency to get accurate modeling and prediction of milestones, tracking KPI goals, and shifting daily budget spend and ad creative in order to reach out to the most potential promisers as possible.

Engaging The Jewish Community with Organic Social Content

Leveraging JFP’s five-figure social media audience, the agency pushes engagement and follower growth on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage community leaders in the Jewish world around a shared mission and values. The agency has produced video content with notable rabbis and leading Jewish activists and influencers, sharing why they signed the Promise, including Noa Tishbyinfluencer Lizzy Savetsky, Rabbi David Wolpe, comedian Modi Rosenfeld, and many others. 

To augment the creative content, the agency also creates branded infographics, adapts the Promise’s key messages into approachable curated content, and carries out content collaborations with JFP’s partner organizations and their leaders. 

Post October 7th, the agency’s social media team shifted JFP’s content focus to impactful and relevant content. The six-month period post-October 7 has seen a 339% increase in organic impressions/reach, a 283% increase in organic engagements, and a 138.9% increase in follower growth rate.

Telling the Media Story

The media relations team amplifies the JFP message and mission by pitching and securing coverage for JFP across a range of Jewish, nonprofit, and philanthropic media outlets. The agency has secured numerous interviews for Jewish Future Promise Founder, Mike Leven, and JFP leadership, along with key regional articles around the Promise’s sister organization, the Jewish Youth Promise (JYP). The JYP crossed the 20,000-promiser milestone in March 2024. 

The agency also facilitated a content partnership with Jewish Life TV. A focused half-hour dedicated episode aired in October 2023, profiling Leven, as well as leaders from JFNA and the Jewish Agency for Israel, two of JFP’s partner organizations. 

The team also supports JFP through partnership development, promiser relations campaigns, email marketing outreach, and website optimization. 

Powering A Rebrand

At the start of 2024, the team helped JFP rebrand, changing its name from the Jewish Future Pledge to the Jewish Future Promise. This name change marked a strategic expansion of the organization’s vision, and the agency executed several tactics to raise awareness and attention to the rebrand. 

To carry out the rebrand, the agency supported the creation of the JFP’s new logo. The agency’s digital marketing team also carried out an intensive organization-wide rebranding project, refreshing the JFP’s full suite of internal and external marketing materials to reflect the new name, logo, and brand messaging and positioning. This also included the creation of a dynamic partner marketing suite, leveraging existing assets, and creating new co-branded promotional materials to amplify JFP partners’ efforts to promote the Promise to their communities. 

To promote the rebrand, the agency drafted a press release and then conducted media pitching and outreach, engaging the Jewish world and general news media alike around the news. It leveraged high-profile signers into the announcement.

Carrying On The Jewish Legacy

The agency continues to tell the JFP story, highlighting Jews and their allies, to ignite a surge in Jewish pride, foster a connection to Israel, and facilitate meaningful intergenerational conversations about the importance of supporting Jewish institutions and causes.