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By The Pollack Group

When Florida’s Lake Okeechobee had a surge in cyanobacterial blooms, which endangered the health and economy of nearby communities and disrupted the environment, Governor Ron DeSantis approved the groundbreaking treatment from client BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. to mitigate damage before it reached more of Florida’s waterways.  
Because the waterways downstream from Lake Okeechobee faced immediate danger of being contaminated by toxic algae from water discharged from the lake, BlueGreen experts were deployed in the field to immediately respond to any presence of cyanobacteria in Florida’s C-44 Canal. On the ground, BlueGreen’s team worked around the clock to prevent cyanobacterial blooms from taking hold – providing additional proof of concept for their groundbreaking treatment.
The agency kept the local press updated on the efforts of the deployment, sharing the details of the project with reporters who covered the toxic algae epidemic around the world. Widespread media relations efforts resulted in more than 18 million impressions, including several articles in as well as in The Jerusalem Post, Flager Live, Jewish Florida, No Camels, and Israel 21C.

BlueGreen Emergency Treatment Lake Okeechobee
The BlueGreen team in the field