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5G Is Coming This Year. Here’s What You Need to Know. – The New York Times

Technology is shifting this year to the new fifth-generation cellular networks, also known as 5G. The transition will start reaching mobile phone users in months and affect how people will use their devices. The updated 5G network will not only change smartphones, but many other devices like robots, security cameras, drones, and cars. The faster network will offer a competitive edge and could help spread the use of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies.

Source: The New York Times

Inside the most Instagrammable place on Earth – Fast Company

Since its creation, Instagram transformed from just an app to a visual lens of content creation. The social media platform has one billion users across the globe and has given rise to an industry of pop-up installations that caters to users wanting to capture a memorable experience. The Color Factory has become one of the most instagrammable spaces – from a million plastic sprinkles to a giant egg carton the place is perfectly staged for captivating photos.

Source: Fast Company

Chipotle is trying to win over paleo, Whole30, and keto dieters with new menu items – Business Insider

For the New Year, Chipotle is making changes to its menu. The new menu items are aimed at paleo, Whole30, and keto dieters. The line of “Lifestyle Bowls” is the chain’s way to become the go-to place for people dieting in 2019. Chipotle continues to make changes to its menu, as it’s tried to recapture momentum following a sales slump initiated by the E. coli outbreaks about three years ago.

Source: Business Insider

How to Structure Your 2019 Social-Media Campaigns to Appeal to Gen Z – Entrepreneur

Gen Z is growing up quickly and is already playing valuable roles in today’s society. These young consumers are tech-savvy, have more options for their “spend money,” and can easily spot marketing tactics. So how do you reach this influential generation? Through an authentic brand voice and social media presence. Brands will need to behave more like humans and less like strategically scripted statements.

Source: Entrepreneur