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Kate Spade New York’s Summer Campaign Spotlights ‘Get Happy’ Dance Number – Yahoo! Finance

Luxury fashion designer Kate Spade launched their new summer campaign with a dance number, working with singer-songwriter Ines Nassara and choreographer Dylan Pearce for a fresh take on the classic Judy Garland song “Get Happy” in the dance video. The designer will amplify the campaign on TikTok to create a dance challenge for users. In addition, Kate Spade is partnering with The National Council of Mental Wellbeing and is donating $100,000 to offer mental health services to performers in the NYC area.

Kate Spade New York Judy Garland music
Source: Kate Spade

Estée Lauder Companies Bets on Snapchat AR Commerce – Glossy

With the social media spike among consumers during the pandemic, skincare and makeup company Estee Lauder is tapping into Snapchat’s new social AR shopping technology to reach customers. The goal is to meet consumers where they already are and to offer a fun and engaging shopping experience. Utilizing the AR try-on technology will provide consumers instant gratification of trying on and checking out.

Instagram’s Hippest Grandma Is the Face of Tillamook Ice Cream in This Colorful New Campaign – Adweek

Baddie Winkle, the 92-year-old style influencer and Instagram’s “Hippest Grandma,” is partnering with ice cream brand Tillamook County Creamery Association to call out frozen dessert brands for pumping air into their product. Winkle, along with other influencers, are working with Tillamook for the PSA-style campaign, “Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream.” The initiative aims to remind dessert lovers what makes ice cream so good in the first place – of course, it’s the cream.

Source: Tillamook Ice Cream

How BTS is Driving McDonald’s’ Biggest Marketing Play Since Monopoly – Fast Company

McDonald’s has moved on from Travis Scoot. The fast-food company is now selling its highly anticipated “Famous Meal” with popular Korean pop group BTS. Consumers will be able to order the BTS Meal, which includes 10-piece McNuggets, medium fries, and a medium Coke. And, for the first time in the US, customers can get Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces adapted from popular dips at McDonald’s South Korea.

Source: McDonald’s