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Forget TikTok, Instagram: Gen Z, Millennials Are Flocking To This New App – The Street

Is BeReal in your brand’s social media matrix? In this article, the author analyzes the differences between BeReal and its competitors, pointing out the reasons why this app is increasingly popular among young users. 

Brands Like Chipotle And e.l.f. Are Chasing Buzz On BeReal, But Will the Love Affair Last? – Fast Company

As BeReal expands its user base, what are big brands doing with this app to reach
their target audiences? More importantly, which strategies work? This article provides some examples from brands like e.l.f. and Chipotle.

Photo-sharing App BeReal Explores Paid Features To Avoid Advertising – Financial Times

BeReal has become a phenomenon, but how long will its popularity last? From a financial standpoint, the author discusses how BeReal can make its success sustainable in the long term. 

TikTok’s BeReal Clone App Is Gaining Traction Outside The US – The Verge

BeReal’s growth has attracted the industry’s attention and competitors are catching up. This article reveals how Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat are testing the water by developing similar features.