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The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads – The New York Times

Before digital, advertising agencies were driven by creative directors who created captivating campaigns and set cultural agendas. Now, ad agencies are better informed about consumers through data collection and behavior insights. However, many of these consumers are paying more to avoid these campaigns, and as a result, the ad industry is facing an “existential need for change.”

Advertising industry problem
Source: New York Times

As Beauty Norms Blur, One-Third of Young Men Say They’d Consider Wearing Cosmetics – Morning Consult

Some men have tested out wearing makeup over the years, but it’s only until recently men’s cosmetics have become more mainstream. Men’s makeup brands believe the stigma has fallen due to a rise in social media, therefore drawing interest in appearance-enhancing products. Younger generations are more willing to embrace the nontraditional gender norms, and according to recent data, about one-third of young men would consider wearing makeup.

Waiting on the Cosmic Crisp Apple Drop – Eater

It’s not often a type of produce can build hype around a new campaign or advertising. Cosmic Crisp is breaking the rules with its new ad campaign. Cosmic Crisp is a hybrid between the Enterprise and the Honeycrisp apple that’s been bred over the past 20 years. Consumers have been anticipating the apple since this past summer, which will finally drop in grocery stores on December 1. By 2020, it’s expected that more than 2 million Cosmic Crisp apple-filled boxes will be available.

How Gap Inc.’s company-wide diversity and inclusion council is driving sales – Glossy

Color Proud Council group is spearheading Gap’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. Now, they are overhauling how all of its seven brand markets and merchandising have a new focus on inclusivity. All of this comes at a time when many fashion brands are struggling and/or dealing with controversies around insensitive designs. Since the Color Proud Council formed in 2018, it expanded its initiative of inclusivity across product design, merchandising, and marketing to include recruiting, developing, and retaining diverse talent.