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5 Key Updates in GPT-4 Turbo, OpenAI’s Newest Model – Wired

Are you ready to experience the next leap in AI interactions? OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo is set to transform ChatGPT with enhanced knowledge and capabilities. Explore the key updates released this week and how they might redefine the way marketers work.

Using AI, Doritos Takes The Crunch Out Of Gaming With New ‘Silent’ Chip – The Drum

Want to try the world’s first AI-augmented snack? Check out Doritos Silent, the innovative ‘silent’ chip designed for gamers. In this creative teaser campaign, Doritos offers an AI-powered solution to keep the noise down and the game on.

5 AI Trends Shaping Martech – CMS Wire

How is AI reshaping the landscape of marketing technology? From predictive analytics enhancing customer targeting to AI-generated content streamlining the creative process, top executives discuss the five key trends driving the future of martech.

A New Fashion Brand Is Rethinking Production Using AI – Vogue Business

Ready for a wardrobe as unique as your digital fingerprint? This bold venture uses AI to merge sustainability with exclusivity, setting the stage for a fashion revolution. Don’t miss out on the details of this avant-garde approach—read on for a glimpse into the future of personalized fashion.