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AIM was the killer app of 1997. It’s still shaping the internet today – Fast Company

AOL’s Instant Messenger brought millions of people to the internet, sparking nostalgia for many millennials. Launching in 1997 and shutting down in 2017, AIM invented the idea that you were always online, even when you were “away.” The free messaging service allowed people to share their personalities through avatars and profiles with its legacy is still alive in many of the apps we use today.

Source: Fast Company

Popeyes Is Selling One Of Its Chicken Sandwiches Taped To A Wall And Calling It Art – Delish

Popeyes has officially entered the art scene with a new piece called “The Sandwich,” listed for $120,003.99. “The Sandwich” is a play on the recent display called “Comedian” that went viral because it was a banana tapped to a wall selling for $120,000. The profits from “The Sandwich” will go to the Popeyes Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities in need with food and other resources.

Source: Jim Arbogast

What Is ‘Influencer Interactivity’ And How Can Brands Leverage It To Their Advantage? – Forbes

Social media users are all too familiar with coordinated influencer trends that have gone viral over the years, like the Ice Bucket Challenge. A new type of campaign is emerging among brands, in which they are intentionally leveraging groups of influencers to interact with one another in hopes of sparking a viral reaction online. But will this new model work and get the results brands are aiming to achieve? 

Adobe Stock looks to 2020 with trend forecasts in visual, motion and design – The Drum

The Adobe Stock team came up with its 2020 creative trends after analyzing the plethora of imagery, reports, news, and data accessible to them. The creative trends recognized are linked to cultural, social, and economic movements — each tied to something in the global culture, as well as online microcultures. All of these trends will be available on Adobe Stock throughout 2020.

Source: Adobe Stock