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Almost Half of Teens Say They’re ‘Online’ All Day, But Not on Facebook – Inverse

Gen Z is the first generation to grow up having the internet be a part of their everyday life. Pew’s latest research on teenage technology proves that their world practically revolves online. While 45 percent of teens say they are online on a near constant basis, the one platform many are not socializing on is Facebook.

Source: Inverse

Wellness receives a leg-up from tech giants – Glossy

The wellness industry has gained momentum from apps like Headspace and lifestyle brands like Goop, which have captured significant interest from Apple, Google, and Instagram. These companies are incorporating wellness concepts into its software after each platform received backlash for being linked to phone addiction and poor mental health.


Can AI have good taste? Auction giant Sotheby’s is counting on it – Fast Company

Sotheby’s recently acquired AI startup, Thread Genius, is part of an unfolding long-term digital strategy. The technology behind Thread Genius can discern clients’ artistic and style learnings, and, based on that, suggest customized purchases. Sotheby’s goal with the acquisition is to improve recommendations to a buyer and make purchasing and selling easier on the platform.  

Source: Unsplash

From digital marketing to marketing in the digital world – The Drum

These days, it seems that consumers are driving the evolution of the marketing industry. Consumers want authenticity, social awareness, and meaningful engagement — in addition to a relationship with brands they want to support. Based on this, a new marketing approach called “brand-led experiences” has developed in order to deepen consumer engagement.

Source: The Drum