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Heinz ketchup released an all-red puzzle that will definitely keep you busy – Delish

Heinz is tapping into the self-isolation activities and recently revealed an all-red puzzle, the same red hue of its famous Heinz ketchup. The puzzle 570 pieces and might take a while to put together since there are no images or lines to guide people. Heinz’s puzzle is only available through an online giveaway with 57 puzzles available total, in honor of the 57 varieties of Heinz that is labeled on every bottle.

Amazon built a roving robot covered in UV light bulbs that could kill the coronavirus in warehouses and Whole Foods stores – Business Insider

Amazon has created a robot that emits UV-light designed to kill COVID-19 as research has shown that ultraviolet light can kill viruses and germs. The robot resembles a hotel luggage cart, with a rectangular wheeled bottom and tall metal frame. The machine can be used in Amazon’s Whole Foods stores and warehouses to kill the germ on surfaces like door handles, food, and packaging.

Source: CBS News/60 Minutes

Pepsi and Frito-Lay want you to buy all these snacks online with their new DTC websites – Fast Company

In April, the multinational snack and beverage giant reported an earnings bump of 10 percent – mainly due to people loading up on Pepsi and Frito-Lay products in preparation for the pandemic. As the lockdowns continue to lengthen for many, along with consumers shifting to online shopping, PepsiCo is jumping in on the D2C trend. The company revealed two new direct-to-consumer websites this week for consumers to purchase items from its plethora of brands.

Twitter introducing new labels for tweets with misleading COVID-19 information – The Verge

This week, Twitter introduced new labels that mark tweets with misinformation related to COVID-19. These labels aim to help make it easier to tell if a tweet has false information or claim and point you toward resources about the pandemic. The Twitter labels will link to a specific page created by the social media app or to an “external trusted source” that will give insight about the claims made in the tweet.