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That Arby’s Deep Fried Turkey Pillow From SNL Is a Very Real Product – Adweek

Arby’s recent 15-second infomercial, selling a deep-fried turkey pillow, wasn’t a parody but very real. The ad, with a 60-second companion, is the familiar “As Seen on TV” feel and was supposed to run on SNL, but due to last-minute changes, it didn’t make it and ran across social instead. The oddly real limited-edition headgear is available for $59.95 on a dedicated site for the pillow.

Arby's deep fried turkey pillow advertisement campaign
Source: Arby’s

Sally Beauty launches DIY-focused influencer and stylist squad SallyCrew – Glossy

Since the start of the pandemic in March, Sally Beauty has seen a consumer shift to beauty and services at home compared to going into the salon or stores. During this time, the beauty retailer has been searching for online DIY experts to serve as its SallyCrew ambassador group. This week, Sally Beauty revealed its four-person ambassador crew out of more than 1,000 applicants, including employees within Sally Beauty and outside of the brand.

Calm’s hilarious CNN ad campaign sent the meditation app flying up App Store charts – Tech Crunch

Calm, the app designed to provide meditation resources and soothing stories, had a strategic ad placed during CNN’s 2020 election coverage. During the “Key Race Alert” portion of the show, Calm’s logo and information could be seen on screen cheekily reminding viewers that if they need to take a breath and relax, the service is available on app stores. As a result of the ad, Calm became the number one most downloaded health and fitness app in the United States.

Calm CNN Ad Campaign Politics
Source: Calm

What we know about McDonald’s new ‘McPlant’ plant-based burger – Fast Company

McDonald’s has decided to throw its hat in the ring in the plant-based market. For the first time, the fast-food giant revealed a new “McPlant” plant-based burger. The new plant-based burger made with Beyond Meat, will hit stores globally, beginning in 2021.