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Luxury Brands Must Become Peer-to-Peer Influencers- Vogue Business

Over the last 18 months, we have seen an increase in demand for personalized service and peer-to-peer connections. In an era of artificial intelligence and bot-powered online retail, luxury brands must return to human touch in their sales approach. Brands are considering consumer demands for sustainability and conversational commerce while tapping into inter-community sales. Fostering connections between customers and driving recommendations will personalize the shopping experience. 

Source: Vogue Business/ Mr. Porter

Purpose Could Be the Death of Brands- Marketing Week

Marketers are afflicted by a lack of self-confidence and pride, and one of the main symptoms to have arisen from this is the idea brands should have a higher societal purpose beyond profit, warns Professor Byron Sharp. The widespread adoption of social purpose, he argued, could lead to brands becoming too similar and consequently being picked off by private labels. Warning of a “cultural cringe” and sense of insecurity within marketing, Professor Byron Sharp is calling on marketers to stop the self-hatred and have more pride in their profession. 

Source: Marketing Week

Why Best-in-Class Brands Lead with Story- Fast Company

The search for compelling stories is innate to human nature. Storytelling offers an opportunity for brands to catch consumers’ attention while communicating their voice, tone and values. Rather than rely on buzzwords, storytelling moves consumers on an emotional level, creating a personal connection that leads to conversions. The best brands invest time to identify and craft a story that resonates. 

Sounds of the Future: Sonic Branding In the Metaverse- Forbes

You’ve heard of the brand voice you can read – but what about the one you can hear?  With the development of the metaverse and increasing reliance on audio-prompted commands, businesses have an opportunity to showcase their brand in a new way. Virtual assistants in locations within the metaverse offer a chance for brands to directly speak with consumers. Vary the length of interactions to diversify services, from fast-paced utility commands to longer-form storytelling. 

Source: Getty Images