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How to Craft a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy – CMS Wire

By automating repetitive marketing tasks and workflows, brands can streamline their marketing operations and fine-tune campaigns for a higher ROI. In this article, the author discusses the essential steps in the creation of a successful marketing automation strategy.

3 Ways Marketing Automation Drives Cross-Functional Alignment – MarTech

How does marketing automation serve as the glue that keeps campaigns and teams together? The author shares his insights and advice on using automation tools to align different teams within a company.

Maximizing Business Efficiency with Social Media Automation – SpiceWorks

Are you fully harnessing the power of automation across your brand’s social channels? Check out the author’s insider tips for markets to simplify posting, maximize reach and build stronger connections with target customers.

Top 10 AI Email Automation Tools in 2023 – Analytics Insight

Is AI-powered automation part of your email marketing workflow? Learn more about the latest AI features on mainstream platforms like Mailchimp and HubSpot, and use the technology to plan, create and analyze your next campaign.

(Image Source: HubSpot)