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Why beauty brands are shifting their focus from the feed to Instagram Stories – Glossy

Beauty brands are turning to Instagram Stories to reach their audiences. Due to Instagram’s algorithmic changes, images posted to the main feed are becoming more and more challenging to reach consumers. Therefore, brands are embracing the Story feature and saving them to the highlights tool indefinitely to capture customers.

Does Social Marketing Really Make Dollars and Cents? – Entrepreneur

Digital marketing is an investment and takes time before results can be expected. There are many different facets involved in digital marketing, and how they work together is key in producing outcomes. These five tips are easy to understand and particularly applicable to drive results to your business.

AI Is Evolving Nonprofit Digital Marketing Strategies – Forbes

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence continue to grow across all industries and sectors. Advanced computing allows for organizations and practitioners to be more efficient and effective, especially when personalizing relationships with consumers. But, what are the best ways to leverage these tools? Here are three strategies that can be replicated to advance your brand. 

Airbnb Sets Its Sights on Surfing – The New York Times

Airbnb is adding a new category to its Experiences service: surfing. The new Experiences is launching in collaboration with the World Surf League and will be available in 20 major surfing locations globally. The home rental and travel company will introduce more than 75 surfing-related activities, including lessons.