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Kraft Markets ‘Space Jam’ Mac and Cheese and Pajamas – AdAge

Ahead of the new movie ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy,’ Kraft is one of the first brands to market the sequel film. Kraft has partnered with Warner Bros. to create an official mac and cheese for Space Jam. Together the brands revealed boxes of basketball and bunny-shaped version of the mac and cheese, in addition to Space Jammies pajamas. The mac and cheese are set to hit shelves on June 1.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Space Jam Branded Merchandise
Source: Kraft

Dunkin’ Launched A Paint Line, & It Includes 2 Familiar Colors – Elite Daily

Dunkin’ is known for its coffee and donuts. But now, consumers get their Dunkin’ in more ways than one. In collaboration with Backdrop’s paint, Dunkin’ created a paint color with its famous pink and orange shades. The vibrant colors Dunkin’ Pink and Dunkin’ Orange are available for consumers to purchase and add a pop of colors into their room or throughout their home.

Big Lots Invites Shoppers to Feel Like a “BIGionaire” – Adweek

Big Lots, a discount retailer, launched a new brand campaign encouraging customers to “Be A BIGionaire.” The new campaign highlights how searching for bargains can make customers feel like a million bucks. The campaign features comedian Retta who is known for her roles in the NBC series Good Girls and Parks and Recreation, and aims to celebrate the uniqueness of Big Lots in making the bargain hunt fun and the friendliness of its customers.

How ‘Zoom’ Became the ‘Kleenex’ of Video Calling – Fast Company

At the beginning of the pandemic, businesses and organizations had to find a new way to have meetings. Zoom, the video communications platform, has been a reference point for virtual meetings for more than a year now. The brand’s name itself uses the sound symbolism onomatopoeia, creating a strong selling point for becoming the “BandAid” or “Kleenex” of pandemic life.

Source: Pexels