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Jif peanut butter enters “GIF” pronunciation debate with cheeky, limited-edition label – Fast Company

The debate on the correct pronunciation of “GIF” ended back in 2013, or so we thought. People continue to use the soft and hard “g” pronunciations interchangeably, and now, Jif peanut butter is entering the debate. GIF-making platform Giphy and Jif have partnered to create two new labels for its peanut butter.

Source: The J.M. Smucker Company

Here’s how big brands like ESPN and Apple Music are using TikTok to go after the spending power of a new group of users – Business Insider

There’s no question that Gen Z has mastered the video app TikTok. Lately, older generations are joining the movement including millennials, Gen Xers, and even boomers, intriguing brands to catch on to this new wave of users and potential customers. Already these three generations are transforming the way brands like ESPN and Apple Music are targeting this new demographic.

Burger King’s new ad features a moldy Whopper. Here’s why that’s actually genius marketing – Inc.

Burger King revealed a new ad for its Whopper, warning it will gross you out. The fast-food company wants its consumers to remember that it’s eliminating preservatives from its menu. Burger King plans to get rid of its signature product of preservatives by the end of the year and is showcasing that change with a 34 day-old moldy Whopper.

Uber is testing rooftop ads on its ridesharing fleet – Engadget

Uber is stepping into advertising by partnering with ad-tech company Adomni. Soon, drivers in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix will be able to put roof-top ads on their car, with plans to expand the option to more cities. The pilot program will offer driver $300 to install the ad display, and an additional $100 each week they drive more than 20 hours. The displays will show eight-second still or video ads based on location and time of day.

Source: Adomni