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According to a Study, There’s a Good Chance You’ll Click This Headline Because It’s 97 Characters – Contently

Writing the perfect headline to attract and engage audiences is a challenging task. A new study shows to get the best click-through rate, aim to write your headlines between 90 to 99 characters.

New York magazine rolls out apparel line – Glossy

New York magazine celebrates its 50th anniversary by launching a five-piece apparel collection with the help of lifestyle and streetwear brand, Only NY. The collection is exclusively available on Only NY’s website and its Lower East Side store.

Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape – New York Times

Floating cities, a seemingly impossible idea may now be technologically in reach. At the center of this effort is the Seasteading Institute, and it has spent a decade trying to convince the public that seasteading is not an entirely crazy idea.

Drones Are Now Operating Underground – The Wall Street Journal

Scientists are experimenting with fully autonomous drones to help transform how mining companies dig out rocks in dangerous, pitch-black caves. The goal is to fly the drones into areas too risky for human miners and locate areas to excavate that might otherwise be missed.

Brands, consumers just aren’t that into you – but here’s how to change that – The Drum

As media buying has grown, heavy users are now the target of brands, and the assumption is that these buyers will deliver the greatest ROI. But this might not be the case, research shows brands can more by winning over consumers from a large group of non-users.

Five Low-Cost PR-Boosting Tips For New Startups – Forbes

Public relations is essential for startups to gain traction and shape how consumers view your brand. Implement these effective five strategies to help get your startup noticed.

One year in: What The New York Times learned from its 360-degree video project, The Daily 360 – Digiday

Over the
past year, The New York Times published 360-degree videos every day. The
installments occurred across 57 countries with the help of over 200 different
Times journalists for a Samsung-sponsored project, The Daily 360, garnering 94
million views on Facebook.