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Brands Paid Hefty Prices To Send Micro-Influencers Dancing In The Desert At Coachella – Forbes

The world’s most Instagrammed festival, Coachella, brings about 250,000 music lovers each year and has created over 4 million hashtags with the help of influencers. This year, brands decided to take a different approach with influencers. Now, many millennials are turning away from celebrity influencer endorsements, so brands are spending 40 percent of their influencer budget on micro-influencers to increase a more effective engagement with consumers.  

Source: AP

The Robots That Manage the Managers – The Wall Street Journal

More and more companies are looking to AI-driven apps that help newer bosses with tips and reminders on how to manage a well-run office. As millennials grow into management jobs, many find they are missing basic training skills like delivering feedback and delegating work. Coaching apps and platforms driven by AI are trying to fill this gap including Butterfly, Qstream, and LEADx.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Microsoft just revealed a newer, cheaper Xbox One that completely ditches the disc drive – Business Insider

After much speculation, Microsoft announced its releasing the Xbox One S All-Digital on May 7. This new model will completely omit a disc drive letting the company sell the console for the lowest starting price of any Xbox One so far. Without a disc drive, people who will buy the Xbox One S will need to purchase games through Microsoft’s digital store and rely on streaming services to watch movies.

Source: Microsoft just dropped a $48 kids’ clothing subscription box – Fast Company

Walmart’s online store recently partnered with KIDBOX, a kid’s clothing subscription service to launch a new product: Walmart KIDBOX stylebox. The subscription offers parents a box of four to five clothing items from name brands for $48. Clothing items range in sizes from newborns to early teenagers, and if all the items are kept from the box, families can save about 50 percent on the retail cost of the clothes.

Source: Walmart