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How To Grow Your Enterprise With Content Marketing – Inc.

Strong content boosts the growth of businesses, but what are the most important things to consider before starting to develop content? With a focus on the planning phase, this article provides a practical guide for marketers and communicators to refine their objectives, strategies and tactics. 

Instagram Changes Ranking Algorithm To Favor Original Content – Search Engine Journal

Instagram has recently updated its home feed ranking algorithm to assign more value to original content, which aims to encourage users who post their own works. Check out this article to see what this means for content creators and social marketers, and find out more about the additional updates on enhanced product and people tags.

Top 10 SEO Priorities For Your First Week As A New Marketing Manager – Search Engine Journal

Starting a SEO project from scratch can sound intimidating. This article suggests where to start to develop the first 7-day action plan for your SEO initiative, and from there, how to build a solid foundation to monitor and optimize your content in the long term. This should ready your website for more advanced digital marketing campaigns. 

5 Steps To Make Winning Marketing Bets – Entrepreneur

Marketing is similar to investing in stocks – both risks and rewards are included in every step of the entire process. This article discusses marketing from a risk management perspective: what makes a marketing decision more successful than others, and what are the key steps that every marketer should consider when rolling out a campaign?