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Chili’s is buying ads on TikTok in an effort to attract younger customers – Digiday

Chili’s is the latest brand to join TikTok. Last week, it launched a hashtag challenge, #ChilisBirthday, to celebrate the restaurant chain’s 45th anniversary. Chili’s asked customers to go to its local restaurant, record a TikTok of someone being surprised with the chain’s birthday song, and post it with the hashtag for the chance to win one of three $313 gift cards. The company aims to capture the attention of Gen Z consumers, along with turning them into restaurant visits and increased sales.

Wingstop moves its out-of-home budget into hoodies—and pays fans to wear them – AdAge

Wingstop wants to turn Instagrammers into a wearable billboard. The chicken wing chain plans to send Wingstop-branded hoodies to fans, and when the recipients post images on Instagram wearing the sweatshirts in public, they’ll get $10 through Venmo. Wingstop says that especially creative posts and ones that go viral may lead to bonus prizes including $100 gift cards.

Source: Wingstop

5 ways brands such as Disney and BMW approached digital transformation – The Drum

Major brands like Disney, Apple, and BMW are adapting to meet the need for additional digital transformation. But how do some of the world’s best-known businesses tackle these challenges? They are relying on these five key tactics: creating a seamless experience for consumers, creating dedicated tools and website to explain privacy issues and protect consumer rights, adapting to the sharing economy, meeting customers’ on-demand needs, and enhancing customer engagement.

Amazon is now selling its cashierless store technology to other retailers – TechCrunch

This week, Amazon revealed it will now offer its cashierless store technology, “Just Walk Out,” to other retailers. The technology being sold is to allow retailers to offer customers the ability to shop and pay for items without having to wait in line to pay at a register. This is the same technology that runs the Amazon Go cashierless convenience stores and Amazon’s newly launched Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle.