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Nike Ends 2020 With Inspirational ‘You Can’t Be Stopped’ Spot – Complex

This year was a challenging year for everyone. So, Nike wants to take a moment to reflect on 2020 by shining a light on the determination and resilience of athletes across the globe with its new “You Can’t Be Stopped” ad. The one-minute ad is the final installment of Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us” campaign, highlighting how an athlete’s mindset can help them reach any goal once identifying their “why.”

The global pandemic has hit restaurants and bars hard. In an effort to help bars from closing, Heineken has found a creative way to lend a hand. The beverage company has offered to buy ad space from these bars in the form of window shutters so the bars can still make a profit. As an added bonus, Heineken gets additional ad space.
Southern California based clothing company and designer Lifted Research Group (LRG) is teasing an upcoming partnership with Coca-Cola. The streetwear brand aims to expand its reach by partnering with a legacy brand to take its culture to another level. LRG will incorporate key components from its own brand as well as Coca-Cola in the upcoming clothing release, including the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear.
Coca Cola Streetwear Collaboration LRGSource: LRG
Looking back on 2020, Dole believes it is important to make a positive impact globally. Dole is starting the #UnstuffedBears campaign using the images of teddy bears to bring attention to the hunger crisis among children. The campaign aims to create a world where access to nutrition is a human right for all.
Dole unstuffed bear charity campaignSource: Dole