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Get Ahead of Your Competition with 2022’s Must-Have Digital-Marketing Trends – Entrepreneur

Stay ahead of the curve by refreshing your marketing strategy. When selecting influencers for partnerships, vet their reputations and perceived trust for campaigns that resonate. Consider adding voice-search optimization to your digital repertoire. To increase personalization, develop several ads customized for specific segments of your target audience. 

5 Ways Marketing Leaders Can Drive More Value in 2022 – Harvard Business Review

Optimizing an end-to-end growth agenda was identified as a key marketing strategy. Minimizing sales friction in the form of mobile-friendly, intuitive and customized customer journeys can facilitate conversions. Evaluating and maintaining data health is crucial for scalable analytics. 

Source: Artur Debot, Getty Images

A Dynamic Branding Model is Needed for Success – Forbes

Instead of viewing a brand as a cement structure to remodel, view it as a tree with the capacity to grow. With this metaphor in mind, evaluate its components. Keep the roots, or the guiding brand values, at the foundation. Develop the trunk, or adaptable operating systems, for support. Foster creativity with the outgrowth of branches, or a company culture of innovation. Staying true to a brand while facilitating dynamic adaptation to the market is crucial for its viability.

Eight Ways the Metaverse could Affect Business in the future – Rolling Stone

Entrepreneurs shared their insights on the future of business in the metaverse. Opportunities are rife for transformative live event experiences, experimental content development, and increased brand visibility. For in-house purposes, the metaverse may offer tools for enhanced corporate training through AR and VR.