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Netflix and Spotify Ask: Can Data Mining Make for Cute Ads? – The New York Times

Last week, Netflix decided to have holiday fun courtesy of its user data and pose an invasive question on Twitter. For some, the tweet might be seen as clever and unexpected, but for others, it can just as easily be seen as a reminder that Big Data is watching.

How Facebook Engineers Plan To Make Your Experience Faster and More Efficient In 2018 – Fast Company

Facebook has 1.37 billion users every day: posting photos and videos, and sending content and messages. Ultimately, this requires a monumental amount of computing power and is why the company’s engineering goals in 2018 is finding new efficiencies and utilizing software to reduce the cost of that computing.

Bitcoin Is Challenging the Entire Concept of Venture Capital – Bloomberg

The cryptocurrency craze leads to some novel tactics from prominent tech investors. Driven by a combination of enthusiasm and fear, venture firms are developing new tricks to cash in on the cryptocurrency frenzy.

MoonPie roasts Twitter critics, defending century-old marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate snack – USA Today

Social media engagement is a tricky task. Do you play it safe or take risks chancing backlash from your audience? In this case, the company MoonPie took a risk, and now its Twitter is going viral. After posting a sassy response back to a customer talking badly about the product, the tweet has garnered more than 217,000 likes.

Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson’s Unorthodox Secret For Vetting New Business Partners, And Why It Works – Forbes

Lululemon’s success is attributed to a culture aligned around providing components for people to live a longer, healthier and more fun life. It’s something that employees embody, in addition to what consumer count on Lululemon for – this being at the heart of the company is what essentially sets it apart from competitors.