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Adobe Announces ‘Generative Recolor’ AI Feature For Adobe Illustrator – Forbes

Adobe’s recently-launched feature utilizes an AI algorithm to analyze and understand the different elements and colors within an image to make edits as the user requests. In this article, discover how Adobe reduces the time and effort required for manual recoloring tasks to revolutionize the graphic design process.

How To Design A Favicon: Tips To Create A Perfect Icon – Fabrik

Many prominent brands are known for their media literacy and their iconic logos. The author provides a guide to the importance of Favicons–the tiny icons that dominate our digital realm– and their role in making brands known. Learn how they can greatly impact your conversion rates and elevate your brand identity.

The Importance Of Visual Identity In Branding: Creating A Memorable And Consistent Look – OpenCart

How can a brand’s visual identity help consumers easily identify and recall its presence within large industries? This article offers insights into developing a recognizable and consistent style to emphasize the importance of a brand’s image.

This Is How Animation And Visual Effects Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy – ProductionHub

Are there benefits to using animation and visual effects to improve a company’s marketing efforts? Enhance the dynamic in your design with the author’s tips, to maximize its impact on your marketing campaigns.