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Velveeta’s Quirky Marketing Collabs Seek To Shake Up A 100-year-old Brand – Fast Company

How does a century-old brand attract people’s attention? This article discusses Velveeta’s recent marketing moves following its rebrand, giving an in-depth analysis of the quirky collaborations and creative stunts that fueled the brand with new energy.

Netflix’s ‘Gray Man’ Marketing Blitz: Emojis, TV Ads And A Tram – CNA

How did Netflix make buzz for its big-budget summer action movie? This article provides a comprehensive review of various elements in this marketing campaign, highlighting the interactive Gray Man Experience at the San Diego Comic Con.

Are TikTok Challenges Leading Kids to Eat More Junky Food? – MedPage Today

Looking at social media marketing from a critical perspective, the article discusses the negative influence paid-for videos have on younger users, and reminds marketers of upcoming and potential regulation on such marketing content.

Four Outdated Marketing Techniques To Quit And What To Do Instead – Forbes

The author discussed some of the most commonly used marketing techniques that professionals should stop using, with recommended tactics and tools that bring better results.