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Breaking Down the Concepts of Experiential Marketing – MarTech Series

This insightful article explores how engaging consumers through interactive encounters, from live events to virtual experiences, can forge deeper relationships than conventional advertising. Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing enthusiast, check out these proven tips to create authentic and memorable connections with your customers.

How To Repurpose Marketing Event Content –

The author walks through innovative strategies to extend the life of your event, by transforming event content into a sustainable, impactful marketing resource. Learn how to capture and leverage session highlights, attendee feedback, and speaker insights to keep the momentum alive long after the event ends.

Pinterest’s Pop-Up Trends Event Brought Social Commerce Into The Real World – Insider Intelligence

Featuring over 300 shoppable items across thematic displays like “eclectic grandpa,” “kitschen,” and “western gothic,” the event exemplified Pinterest’s vision to make everything shoppable. Discover how the platform harnessed key trends to set a new standard for brand engagement in the realm of social commerce.

The Six Corporate Event Trends To Watch In 2024 – Forbes

Join the author and step into the future of corporate events – from the integration of Artificial Intelligence in event planning and execution to a heightened focus on event accessibility and neurodiversity, see how these trends are reshaping the way we experience corporate gatherings.