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Blue Skies, Green Air Travel: ESG In The Aviation Industry – Reuters

What are airlines saying to promote ESG in their marketing messages? From an environmental marketing perspective, the author analyzes the impact of the FTC’s Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, and discusses how it’s pushing the aviation industry to make a difference.

How Heinz Is Using Fortnite To Push Its Environmental Efforts – AdAge

How does the ketchup brand use Fortnite to spread its sustainability message? Check out the virtual shrinking island Heinz placed in the game, where players can fight while also learning about soil degradation.

The Hidden Environmental Costs Of Digital Advertising – Brand Equity

Are you aware of the environmental impact of digital advertising, which accounts for about 8-10% of global electricity consumption? Discover the industry’s best practices for media buying, to help protect our planet while also optimizing ad campaigns for maximum efficiency.

Why EV Marketing Has Shifted Gears Away From Green Messaging – The Drum

Have you noticed the pivot in EV companies’ marketing tactics? The author unveils the rationales behind their tech and lifestyle-focused messages, as well as the potential issues of relying on green messaging.