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9 Of The Most Effective Email Marketing Best Practices For 2024 – Influencer Marketing Hub

Despite the rise of new marketing channels, email remains a cornerstone for personal connection and lead generation. The author shares nine proven best practices, from building genuine contact lists to crafting compelling subject lines, that will help drive up open rates and engagement. 

This article provides a data-backed overview of the email marketing landscape, highlighting the crucial role of personalization and the emerging opportunities AI presents. From consumer behavior insights to performance metrics, this guide has the tools and knowledge you need to drive substantial business growth.

How to Engage Your Email Subscribers More Efficiently –

With a focus on subscriber management, this article dives into several essential practices from refining your email list to personalizing your messages. Whether you’re looking to boost sales or strengthen customer connections, the author’s advice will help you take your email campaigns to the next level. 

How To Survive (And Learn From) Email Marketing Mistakes – MarTech

What should you do with a marketing email that goes wrong? From a mishap that led to financial losses, the author offers a candid look into common email marketing mistakes. This piece also explores several strategic ways to manage and prevent these errors, such as slowing down processes, documenting deployment steps, and conducting thorough checks.