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The Facebook Name was Such a Drag that Employees Referred to It as a ‘Brand Tax’- CNBC

Following a series of whistleblower scandals, Facebook announced a company name change to Meta. The negative association attached to the Facebook name was dubbed a ‘brand tax’ by employees. This rebrand suggests a pivot to overcome the reputation damage impacting their affiliated apps. 

Facebook becomes Meta

Spirit Brands Concoct Multisensory Shindigs for Next-Gen Experiential Marketing- Marketing Dive

In recent months, spirit brands like Johnnie Walker and Grey Goose have launched similar multisensory experiences, a trend that suggests they are crafting the next generation of experiential marketing. While digital is still poised to be a central component of spirits’ strategies, multisensory efforts allow brands to explore innovation in ways that are specific to their products, whether that be through unique sensorial atmospheres, scientific experiments or immersive storytelling.

Source: Bombay Sapphire

Is Affiliate Marketing the Next Big Thing?- Practical ECommerce

With social commerce on the rise, affiliate marketing is the future. In the past, affiliate marketing was associated with spammy tactics. Today, it builds on the authentic connection developed between an influencer and their audience. Content creators comprise the majority of affiliates, agreeing to promote products they trust. Marketing technology allows affiliates to message buyers through the seller following a transaction, enhancing connections. 

Source: Statista

SEO, Influencers And Good Content: How to Grow Your Company’s Online Presence- Forbes

Optimize your website by ensuring the user interface is accessible, well-designed, and informative. Incorporate both on and off-page SEO strategies to increase visibility. Contribute to blog posts, comment on forums, and include location keywords on your site. Consider partnering with influencers to promote products and keep an eye out for new trends like text message marketing and voice search.