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How Marketing Leadership Is Failing Technology Brands – Forbes

Marketing leadership is failing many of today’s technology brands. Or rather, it’s a lack of marketing leadership that is failing tech brands. Technology companies that successfully build a global brand treat brand strategy and business strategy as inseparable. And behind these successful brands, whether they belong to startups or Fortune 100 companies, is a well-rounded CMO.

What Marketers Need To Know About Greenwashing In Advertising – American Association of Advertising Agencies

A new body of research from the 4A’s outlines how agencies can (and should) approach environmental claims in their brand messaging. The American Association of Advertising Agencies, better known within the industry as the 4A’s, has released a comprehensive guide to eco-friendly messaging that may allow marketers to better serve consumers who are increasingly interested in sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Brands Are Already Marketing To Generation Alpha – Vox

The next generation of consumers, dubbed Generation Alpha by demographers, is being born at the height of American excess. They will grow up in a world oversaturated with direct-to-consumer brands attempting to “disrupt” every sector imaginable, one where social media is shoppable and Amazon is ubiquitous. Today’s parents are less likely to scour the aisles of their local Target or Toys “R” Us when the internet’s boundless array of online products can be delivered to their doors with just a few clicks.

Source: Kiddyummy

Marketers Are Mistaking Information For Intimacy – Adweek

However, though the amount of data available to marketers has increased exponentially over time, our ability to extract insight from said data has only marginally increased. This paradox amounts to a simple—yet significant—oversight on behalf of most marketers: We mistake information for intimacy. Because search, purchase history and site traffic are not who people are—they are merely what people do. To understand who people are, you have to get much closer. You have to get intimate.

Source: Kacy Burdette