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A Better Way To Build A Brand: The Community Flywheel – McKinsey & Company

How do marketers leverage communities to build and activate brands? This research-backed article by McKinsey’s experts includes a professionally tested methodology for successful community engagement without extensive investment. 

Everyone Can Get Involved In Giving Back – Spotlight News

What are the key factors leaders should consider before making a commitment to community giving? In this article, the author introduces the decision-making process at her organization, a bank, when it was planning on serving the local communities.

Study: Real Estate Agents, Brokers Make Community Giving A Priority – Real Trends

While 2022 has been a busy year for the real estate industry, why and how are realtors playing a bigger role in community giving? This article summarizes the key findings of a research report, revealing some significant trends in both monetary donations and charitable activities. 

This Austin-based Company Provides Food For SW Florida Residents After Hurricane Ian – ABC 6

In this article, the authors note a golden example of how Hormel, a Texas-based food company, is trying to empower everyday customers in Southwest Florida during probably the toughest moment of their lives.